Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Best Practical Trip: Trim Healthy Mama Menu Clips

I've been asked to share my favourite practical tip with you, and at the moment that would have to be the Trim Healthy Mama menu I have set up on my fridge using magnet clips.   
Trim Healthy Mama is a lifestyle of eating yummy food, including chocolate cake, so that rather than food spiking your blood sugar and causing you to put on weight, the food levels your blood sugar so that you lose it and gain more energy.    This all comes about by how you combine the foods your eat and the way it reacts in your body.  Here is one of many wonderful explanations

There are a lot of menu plans out there for Trim Healthy Mama and I have subscribed to a lot of blogs trying to find something that suits me, but nothing really has.  You see a lot of them have eggs for breakfast on the plan and then some of the snacks I'm not really that keen on, however there are a lot of delicious recipes that I am very keen on.  

I was having trouble actually sticking to this form of eating because when I was hungry, I was hungry and more often than not, I had a crying baby on my hip, and not owning a tablet or an Ipad, I couldn't just pull up a recipe in the kitchen.  So I decided to print out some of my favourite recipes from the many Trim Healthy Mama blogs around about the place and stick them on my fridge in some kind of organised fashion. 

My 1st clip is for the drinks and shakes, 2nd clip for pancakes, waffles and breakfasts, 3rd is for salads, 4th is for main meals and the 5th is for deserts.    It's a very simple system and I've been making plenty of different things since I started using it because I have the recipe in my face all day and sooner or later that means I'm going to actually organise to add those things to my list, buy those things at the shop and then make it. 

One of my favourite vegetable sides is this Cauliflower Fotato Salad and Stephen likes to eat it for lunch at work!  YUMMMY

AND I tried having avocado guacomole with fried spinach on top of konjac noodles the other day for lunch.   That was really yummy but it made the baby and I rather constipated. 
Some of my favourite other recipes come from these websites, and you know what, even if you don't decide to do Trim Healthy Mama, just print out a couple of yummy, healthy recipes anyway
and give it a go, has to be better than peanut butter sandwiches for lunch!
Oh and next time you're proof reading something, include the title in that so you don't send everyone your best TRIP instead of TIP.  Sorry, if I change that, none of the links I just sent people will work. 
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  1. Thanks so much for joining us this week at The Loft. Looks like some great tips and recipes here. Blessings to you, Lizzy.

  2. Great tips, Liz. What is fotato, or is that a typo?

  3. Hello! I'm stopping by from #TheLoft. Great idea to put the recipes on the front of the fridge. I always see these healthy, yet delicious looking recipes online and think I want to make them. But then I inevitably forget, haha. I will keep this on mind next time.
    Jen :)

  4. Hello! I must have missed this a few weeks ago. I love Trim Healthy Mama. I have put my THM recipes in a binder, but they are all mixed up. I like your idea. :)