Friday, 23 October 2015

Why Saying Sorry at 1am to My Toddler Helped Us Both Sleep

I was having one of those days yesterday.  Miss 2 was being deliberately naughty at gymnastics and continued in that streak when we got home.  Tipping water on the beds, throwing cups on the floor, even after her sleep which usually fixes her attitude.  
Our car had decided to die for the 3rd time in as many days as it was looking to be more than just a dead battery, and we weren't sure how my husband was going to get to his new job that's 6 days a week, 12 hour shifts, or how we were going to get the car fixed. I'd been sent a nasty letter, and was just in a bad mood at bed time with a ton of paperwork to fill out for various things.   So to say I was irritated when I put Madam to bed was an understatement and she proceeded to bunt me in the head during a temper tantrum and make my mouth bleed.
Normally she will go to sleep within half an hour of me lying down with her even if she is wound up but she thrashed and mumbled and crashed all night, until I got up with her and left the room, so that my husband could sleep and get up for a 6:30am start.
I was lying in bed praying about what to do with her, she only occasionally has thrashing nights and its because of a spiritual loophole, either we've brought a bad movie or game into the house and not repented and in this case, God told me to say sorry.
Even though she was asleep, sort of, as soon as I said ,'I'm sorry for being cranky Erin,' she fell into a deep sleep until 5 am when she dragged me out of bed to make her a 'Dorothy' dinosaur, happy and loving life.
Sometimes the Mama moments are so simple and profound.  Do you have one to share?
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  1. In my opinion, and experience, sorry is the most important word in a mother's vocabulary. Well done heeding the Lord's gentle reprimand and making things right with your daughter. Visiting from Grace & Truth