Holistic Health

We all know that we need to become healthier, but with all sorts of conflicting information in the media and from health professionals, it can be tricky to know what is right.    That's why we need to research health for ourselves, and to look at it from more than just the 'natural perspective.'

We are body, soul and spirit and so what effects one part of us, will effect every other part of us.  Sometimes a physical condition is the result of stress, anxiety, anger or unforgiveness or it could be a lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in our diets. 

Soul and Spirit, can sometimes be tricky to separate and are used interchangeably at times.   The way I've heard it taught and it seems to be translated from the Greek and Hebrew is that your soul is your mind, will and emotions and your spirit is the part of you that connects to God.   
For now, here are a few resources that I love, that have greatly helped me in my pursuit of Holistic Health.  

Trim Healthy Mama, is an approach to eating that is kind to your body and also promotes weight loss using whole yummy foods.  This is a fun way to learn how your body works, as two sisters banter back and forth throughout this huge book which is complete with recipes, exercise ideas, supplement suggestions, the how and why of the new foods on the market eg, chia seeds, quinoa, etc, and a section on hormones and marriage.  By following this plan, people have been healed from depression, diabetes, and hormone issues.  You can even lose weight in a wheelchair. 

http://www.mighty-90.com/books-cds/Dead Doctor's Don't Lie by Doctor Joel Wallach explores how our soils and thus our foods are nutrient and mineral deficient and how many diseases in todays society are caused by a lack of minerals.  He gives much scientific evidence of this including many case studies performed by Harvard University and shares mineral cures for arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and ADD to name a few.

Back to Eden

Is an incredible film that will make a non gardener suddenly want to pull on gardening gloves and start growing his own food.  It also explains how to get the nutrients and minerals back in the soil and solve many of the issues farmers have today with top soil erosion.

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