Friday, 27 June 2014

You're Never a Lost Soul When God has Your GPS Co-Ordinates

Ready, set, write?  It's 5 minute Friday and I'm linking up across the ocean with the other women who abandon their inner editor each Friday and we just let out the words that want to come, that wouldn't otherwise escape our corsets of strictness.

Do you ever feel like you're a lost soul wandering the width and the breadth of the ocean with no land in sight, blown about and tossed around?
It was just tonight that my husband had a workmate confess to him that that's just how he felt, and Stephen blessed him to know his destiny and assured him that God knows exactly where he is.  He does have a God-Positioning-System, his own personal GPS for life. 
We aren't just lost when we don't know Jesus, not knowing where we are going in life is enough to make anyone feel lost, me included, and some days I do feel a bit lost, drowning in the washing up and the Facebook statuses that most of the time drain rather than inspire.  Some days I rise above it, flailing my arms and swimming upright, and I pray while I scrub or pray for the top 3 on my Facebook feed and then shut it down.  It does give me a little more purpose.  I want to know where I'm going in the long run.  So I don't get lost in my to do list. 
To do that, I'm going to be pulling out all the words God has given me, out of His word and from other people and I'm going to be looking at them without my own interpretations and add ons, and see where He has me headed on the map. 
My Dad used to always take the scenic route when we went on holidays and we'd all be suggesting he was lost.  He used to say, "I'm never lost, God knows exactly where I am." 
If you feel like you're tossing around out there on the ocean, please remember that, God knows exactly where you are, He has your GPS co-ordinates and He knows where you are going. 
Five Minute Friday

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