Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Asset or Liability?

Once upon a time, there lived a daughter who blushed easily.   Only the mention of a kiss from her beloved would bring the temperature of her skin to a higher degree.   Her eyes would lower, covered by lashes, a tiny smile would toy with the corners of her lips and her tanned skin would turn a rosy sort of red. 

Perhaps it could be called a liability, this somewhat embarrassing colour change at a mere suggestion of desire, or was it an asset?

Could this rise in temperature display an innocence lost by the world?   Was it a sign that somewhere in the world innocence still reigned, the mere suggestion of a kiss was held precious, and that purity was an asset?

Perhaps some could accuse this blushing to be a liability, not innocence, but rather an unnatural fear; she was not used to living in the real world, had been too protected, would never cope with marriage.

No that was different. Fear caused one to flee, not to value something more deeply.  Fear was the liability.   It was a dangerous, destroying force, but innocence, God’s worldview, caused perfect love which cast out fear. 

Was there ever a more beautiful asset?

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