Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Creating a Card Book For Your Baby

About this time last year I was having my baby girl.  Actually, I was being prepped for a C-section after being in labour for about 13 hours and trying to push out a big stuck bubba.  Can’t believe she’s turning 1. 

So this month I’m just going to share with you some things I’ve learned in the last year, and this first post is rather fun.  It’s about dealing with the utter clutter of having a baby.    People bring you stuff;  presents, food, blankets, clothes etc, and it can all just pile up.  You’ve got cards, envelopes (if you’re like me you save them for another occasion) gift bags, plates that belong to someone else, clothes that you do want, clothes that you don’t want, and your house can get cluttered very quickly.   

We were living in a one bedroom flat that we had just moved into when my baby was born and I didn’t have a place for everything yet, so my suggestion is, to avoid the clutter, know in advance exactly where you are going to put all these things, and when friends and family come and ask what they can do, show them a pile and then show them where to put it.    Instead of them unknowingly adding to the mess, let them help clear it.  I’m sure they’d love to.    I don’t think my kitchen table got cleared for weeks after Erin was born.  I had veges, medication, food and general mess everywhere. 

And all those cards of congratulations, what do you do with them after you’ve displayed them for 3 months and they are showing more dust than anything?    I saved them in a drawer for a while along with any other momentos I wanted from the birth, like Erin’s hospital tag, Christmas present tags, etc and then I either used them in scrapbooks or, I made a little card book from the bigger cards by punching holes in them and stringing them up with a ribbon and with the smaller ones that would fit, cutitng them up and sticking them in a photo album, both of which she loves looking at already. 

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