Saturday, 2 August 2014

Just Begin

Five Minute Friday is where we just write for 5 minutes, pour it out and encourage one another.
Todays prompt is: Begin.  
 ‘I just can’t do it; it’s just too hard, it’s too messy, I don’t know where to begin’, so said one of my Sunday School students after we finished our lesson and it was time to pack up.  He’s the oldest, being all of 8 years old, and the pastor’s son, so he’s often feeling the pressure of having to be the most capable, the most responsible, the best-behaved of the kids.  
So, I said, ‘Let’s begin with just one thing at a time; let’s break it down into the same things, and do those.  Let’s start with the scissors and the glue sticks, and put them back where they belong.  Then let’s do the books, put them in the bag, then the pencils’, and so I went on.  He got up in frustration and said, ‘I’ll do the rubbish when that’s all there’s left to do.  I don’t know where to begin.’  
Ever felt like that?   Of course, we all do, when we look at the mess in our children’s bedroom, the kitchen table or sink, or both, the living room, the bathroom, the laundry, our relationships.   Where does it end?  It ends with beginning.   And no, it doesn’t end, it just begins all over again, but for the sake of some chaos-free living and some free space in our homes and in our heads, we have to begin.
  We can’t throw our hands up and walk away – we’re mums (moms).   So, let’s begin with one little thing, whether that thing needs to put in its rightful place, put in the bin, put in a child’s hands, or put in the Father’s hands.   Big or little, whatever it is, however messy it is, let’s begin there – putting it where it belongs, and for those things we just can’t deal with and don’t have answers for, let’s ask Him to take it.   That’s where to begin. 

Five Minute Friday

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