Friday, 26 September 2014

Because Mummies are People Too

Thanks Suzy Rowe for the photo
Five Minute Friday because sometimes we need 5 minutes on a Friday at the end of a long week to tell it how it is, and other times on a Friday, there's nothing left, not even 5 minutes worth.
'Why are Mummies grumpy sometimes?'    Why?   Because.   My brain kicks into gear and my thoughts, unspoken, take off.    Because they're tired and the toddler hasn't slept well for the last week.  Because you have been sick for the last few days.   Because I'm frustrated about certain things and God keeps telling me to deal with my attitude and do the right thing, even though others aren't.   Because I'm busy doing, instead of being.  Because I'm drowning in the very down-to-earth needs of two little people, even though I've been here before, with three, not just two, but that was many years ago. 
 Because being an older Mummy is harder in some ways, because I'm tired, but easier in others - I pick my fights, don't sweat the small stuff.    Because people think I'm strong and amazing and capable and happy and independent and confident and I'm not.   Sometimes I am, but mostly that's what they see because they want to, because I have to be those things, because others can't cope if I'm not, because I'm good at pretending.   Mummies are sometimes grumpy because they're people, and they were a 'people' before they were mummies.   Because they feel so incapable of being a mummy, and all that means, to both the little ones and the big ones.  
But, I will keep going because God loves me, because His love is bigger, wider, deeper, longer,  higher than any of my becauses, because His love is real and present and tangible, and His strength is made perfect in my weakness.  Because somehow God uses my weaknesses and my honesty and my struggles to help someone, even just one someone.    Back to answering the spoken question with a spoken answer.    'Because they're people too.' 


  1. Hi, stopping in from Five Minute Friday :) So true! And I COMPLETELY know what you mean by that Friday feeling and why we are grumpy sometimes! xx

  2. Don't you love how strength, and love and hope are all tied together? They are a triple threat against the evil in the world.