Thursday, 23 October 2014

Why we Made Chocolate Cake in Sunday School

Have you ever made a cake without putting in all the ingredients?   Left one out perhaps or substituted for something else? 

I decided we should make a chocolate cake for Sunday School, which would not only double as morning tea (heaps more interesting than the biscuits I normally give them) but also be the focal point of our lesson.

I compared my recipe for the cake, to the book of Proverbs as a recipe book for our cake.

Long story short: if you leave ingredients out of your cake it will flop.  If you leave the wisdom of Proverbs out of your life, it too will flop. 

We started off with the chocolate cake and then moved onto a couple of other games, as I compared Proverbs to a road rule book. 

God has a plan for your life.  Each of your days is written in His book.  God's plan for our life called our destiny, which comes from the word, destination.  What is a destination?

There are more ways than one to a destination.   We all have a journey to go on with God.

What is a good path for me is very different to God's path for you.  Just like I go a different way home than you do, because our houses are in different places, His plan for my life is different to yours.
God has different plans for each of us, but there are some things that will help us, like road rules help us get home so that we don't crash into out cars on our way.  Proverbs is like a book of road rules that help us get home to Heaven, at the end of our lives.

Have you ever played a game where you have to roll the dice and try and get from the beginning to the end but there are booby traps and mud holes along the way?  Sometimes there are great treasure troves as well.  Life is a bit like playing snake and ladders.  Listening to God and loving people is like going up a ladder but being mean and ignoring God will cause us to slide down a snake. 

After sharing this with the children we then played snakes and ladders and also this game that I made at a Chrysalis weekend with my table mates.    

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