Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Blessing Your Husband for Positive Change

You know, in my time in the blogosphere and reading Christian marriage books, I’ve come across this line, ‘You can’t change your husband once you’re married to him, so make sure he’s a good one first.’
And I agree to a point.  For sure don’t go and marry someone who’s on drugs and abusive and what not, that’s not what I’m talking about. 
I’m talking about calling our husband’s into their God given destinies by what we say and pray, cause girl you know more than anyone what dreams and goals you have and God has for your family, and yet, you too know, how many obstacles are on the way to getting there, and what’s the bet, there are probably even more than you think. 
Okay, don’t go get depressed and stick a shot of vanilla essence vodka in your coffee so you can make it through the morning, though that’s exactly what I did yesterday.  
What you and I both need to do is sit down and think about what the exact opposite of our husbands character flaws, and write those down and start declaring that over him.  Stop asking God to change him, ask him to change you.  Remember, ‘God if it’s my problem show me, if it’s his problem show him,’ that’s a good one to start on, but actually I’d like some more dynamite action. 
The more I read and the more I hear at the moment, the message coming through to me is to ask God what your husband or child’s destiny and future is, how God sees them and start speaking that over them.   In the Word of God it says the truth sets us free. A major revelation I’ve had this year via Graham Cooke is what that means. 
The truth is where God sees us and things He is bringing into our lives, what is true is where we are now and all the flaws that are holding us back.  Telling someone that is not going to help them move forward.  Speaking God’s plan into them will help them move forward. You can change your world with your words.  We just don’t realise how much sometimes.
Remember, God created the world with words, now go create your world with your words.  
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