Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Prioritising the House Dream

I think I was driving everyone nuts, in fact I’m sure I was.  I love houses, and the house that we were living in was lovely, but the street was not so lovely, in fact it was pretty awful.  The neighbours regularly tried to break in, flung pooey undies over the fence, and various other bits of rubbish, and hanging the laundry meant listening to a swear fest, and I started putting on weight because it was too dangerous to walk around much between the big dogs that weren’t properly restrained and the creeps that would follow you home.
And you know, I was writing my thankful list, for things that I loved about that home, and the fact that I had somewhere to sleep and live that was a whole lot safer than a lot of people have, but I was longing for somewhere quiet and where I could plant some trees and have some chooks and a cow.  (Although we can't have these at our new place, my husband's business partner has a property where their shed is set up where we can)
So I determined that the next house we lived in would be our own, and not another rental, we were in our fourth house in 3 years of marriage.   I also knew that our money situation was not so brilliant, in fact when we had tried to borrow money at the start of that year to buy a house, we’d been told we lived under the poverty line and no one would ever give us a loan.   So I started researching the cheapest bits of land and the cheapest possible houses, and the amount was still hugely staggering, though half the cost of buying traditional house.  Now I did find some great ideas for houses, and I’ll probably use them one day, and you know what I have a dream of designing really cheap houses and helping people to buy them that otherwise never could, but I think I just went a bit overboard with the whole house thing.
I was obsessing over house designs and where our furniture would fit in the different designs we had made, and whether we would have to buy a different sized kitchen table, I mean seriously, we hadn’t even got enough money to buy land, let alone something to plonk on it. 
Then it was my birthday and my sister who was living with us snuck out the back while I was shopping for pizza supplies for the afternoon party and decorated the whole back pergola, and it was beautiful, but more than that, it was God speaking to me. 

See, that verse, that’s what God said.   Of course God knew that only several weeks later we would decide to move because our guard dog had to leave and that we would be safer off living in a caravan in the back of our church yard, and that was not my idea of a house, and that I would then obsess over houses and when we would get another one, even whilst paying rent at the previous place while waiting for it to be sold, and we couldn’t afford double rent.   Even while we were so thankful we had moved after discovering one day that the neighbours and had broken in and tried to set the rental on fire.
And I’m waiting for God to move, and I’ve laid down my dream of our own house being our next one, not holding it tightly every waking moment, because now we have signed another lease on a six bedroom house, yakes, in another town where my husband is planning to start a business, and we have less money than ever before. 
Don't you love this table my husband just built on the spot?
I’m using my financial intelligence and saving and budgeting, but I’m also asking God for every need and waiting for Him to move us to our own house, and I’m encouraged by a story that a lady told at her Bible Study of God’s miraculous provision for her home.  
And this week I really needed to read Lisa-Jo’s story about her and the rental that she hated and learned to live in with grace and how after a miracle they are owning their own home.   How they thought it had slipped through their fingers but it came back bouncing like a yo-yo, like our 6 bedroom rental, that I knew was just right, and the real estate wasn’t so sure about our payslips and a better offer was in place and then they just decided we were the right tenants.  Wow.  So maybe now this Scripture about the birds of the air and not worrying has finally sunk in, at least a little further, because that's how it happens, layers of Scripture in our lives like layers of rock in the Grand Canyon, building us into the person we are over time.
Thanks Anna for my party and photos
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  1. What an amazing post - about God's faithfulness and our dreams and letting them go and Him giving them back better than we imagined. Thanks for putting your heart into your words. Your story made me appreciate my lovely neighbours even more. God Bless

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this on Coffee & Conversation this week! How hard it is sometimes to let go...but it never fails that EVERY TIME, He comes through for me - and even better than I could have ever imagined!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this post! I am actually going to share it with my daughter. She and my son-in-law and precious granddaughter have been living with us for about 19 months now. We are so blessed to have them here for this season and I cherish every moment.

    With a six month old, of course they want to be settled into their own home, but unfortunately, this week they got news that they really can't afford a house quite yet. They too rented which ended up being bad experiences every time, with this most recent experience landing them living with us on an urgent basis because their old situation was not safe. They set out to save money to buy their own home, but then our precious granddaughter came along, which side tracked their plans, but certainly in a wonderful way.

    Thanks for sharing such an encouraging post to remember to "wait on the Lord". :-)