Saturday, 3 October 2015

Little Mashies, Pumpkin Bars & Rocket Stoves - All Yummy Things

(Thanks Laura for the photo. 
My cousin Laura makes beautiful and crazy jewellery from
polymer clay and sells it on Etsy.)

When I find some good things, they are far more enjoyed when shared!   This week I've been making Miss 2 a mixture of mango/banana or berry/banana or passionfruit/banana natural or Greek yogurt, coconut cream and honey iceblocks.  She loves them and eats several a day which I don't mind because they are good for her.  Now I've got a way to take them in the car, and it's called Little Mashies. 

These are strong, BPA free, reusable pouches made by an Aussie Mum!  I'm loving mine and so is toddles.  We pop in the mixture and throw it in the freezer, and then I put in  my bag for her to eat down the street when she always seems to be hungry, at church or in the car.   They are also good for older kids, and of course you could put all sorts of different things in them.  A friend gave us a pawpaw the other day so I whizzed it up with some banana and frozen mango and then put that in the Little Mashies, I've also put in homemade custard, and even mushroom soup. 
I wasn't able to give toddles anything like this when she was younger because all the commercial ones had at least 50% apple in them and she was quite allergic to apple at a young age and it would give her colic all night, and along the vegie line she was allergic to tomato, onion, cabbage etc.  So these will be great to make up when I have another baby. 
When you buy these they come with a free recipe e-book which looks great!
Another yummy thing we are enjoying are these delicious pumpkin bars.  I've made these up twice in 48 hours because it disappeared so fast.  I'm roasting a pumpkin in the oven, just chopped up, skin still on and then adding it to salads to bulk them up, pizza, or other meals, and of course these pumpkin bars.  Very yum. 

One more yummy thing is that my husband has been inspired to cook dinner for me 3 nights this week!   He has been inventing and fine tuning his design for rocket stoves that he's about to start selling online and at the markets.  This little beauty cooks a meal on a handful of sticks, it's fantastic obviously for inspiring fire loving males to cook and especially good for if you have no room for a BBQ, grill or for camping.  If you're interested in more info, leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

Ok, now I have to go clean my messy kitchen from all that yummy food!  Bye!
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