Monday, 28 April 2014

Destiny GPS

by Lizzy
In Sunday School last week we discussed our destiny, and I want to compare it to a GPS. Perhaps you will find these notes useful for your Sunday school or youth group, and these notes are going to pave the way for our bigger series on destiny, because really that’s why we want to get the most out of life. With all the choices and things we could fit into our day, we are trying to find out what is the most important, what we really want from life and where we really want to end up.
When life just seems to be a collection of facebook statuses and twitter tweets, that are all pointing in varied directions, sit back for a minute and write down your dreams and desires; because Goals Inspire Faith
What is a GPS? When you are in the car what does it show you? The quickest route or the longest route . What does the GPS do when you decide to go a different way than what it wants? Does it spend the whole time directing you back to the best route? God is our GPS, our God Positioning System. He has a best route for us, but sometimes we are stubborn and really want to go our own way.
There are more ways than one to a destination. We all have a journey to go on with God, and He knows the best route. What is a good path for me is very different to God’s path for you. Just like I go a different way home than you do, because our houses are in different places, God has different plans for each of us, but there are some things that will help us, like road rules help us get home so that we don’t crash into other cars. Proverbs is full of these road rules.
An example of our different journeys would be, if God wants me to be a writer and I decide to be a doctor and help everyone in Africa and chase after that, I will have a lack of peace and fulfilment because I’m not in God’s plan, but that might be His plan for you.
I have a friend who decided to go back to University, complete year 10 and study different languages so he could go to another country and translate the Bible. Wonderful plan, but he was becoming depressed and struggling badly with his studies until he discovered that though the concept was wonderful it wasn’t God’s plan and he switched to science studies. Have you ever played a board game where you have to roll the dice and try and get from the beginning to the end but there are booby traps and mud holes along the way? Sometimes there are great treasure troves as well. Life is a bit like playing snakes and ladders, but listening to God’s voice will help us avoid the snakes and find the ladders.

(Photo Credits to Shelly Neideck)

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