Saturday, 16 July 2016

To Create is a Privilege

In the beginning, God created...........
I like to create things, and I try to do that regularly, just for my own sanity's sake. Otherwise, life is a bit mundane, really.

And create is different to make. People make things in a factory. Other people get the privilege to create - something new and interesting and original.
But the word 'create' really helps me to remember something awesome about God.
See, when I create something, like these stories I create for Raelee, 7, as part of her learning to read book, I use what someone else has supplied - pictures (from

But when God created, He just spoke and there it was.
When I create, I put ideas down on paper to help her use new sounds in context.
But when God created, He created the ideas, not just where to put them and how.
When I create, I put words on a page in a different order to last time, to create a new story.
But when God created, He was the Word!!

When I create, I choose colours and style and the way something will work best, with an already established order. But when God created, He established that order, from which all things make sense.
And He gives us the privilege to create - in music, in art, in media, in written form, in fabric, in wood, etc.

But may we never, ever forget that we merely create with what has already been given to us and privileged to us, that no matter how very clever and creative we are, the source of our creativity and the source of all those resources, is Him.
Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. John 1:2

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  1. Isn't it breathtaking to reflect on this. It reminds me of the Scripture "what is mankind that you are mindful of them". Thank you for reminding us to worship our Creator for His intricate and stunning Power.

  2. God gifts us with a wonderful gift of creativity. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

    1. He sure does, Mary! Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Hi Anna. Thanks for your feedback. I'm so glad He is mindful of us - testament to His own love of His own creations!!
    thanks again