Friday, 26 August 2016

How Loyal Are You?

I took this picture of the moon last week. 

It's pretty impressive - the moon, that is.   It really lit up the  darkness for a few nights and made it hard to sleep.  The dogs barked all night because they could see things running around.   The sheep were noisier than usual - perhaps there were more predators out and about on those nights.

It lit up a place that is normally dark - being 40km from town lights, it gets pretty dark here at night when the lights are out.

You're probably wondering what on earth the moon has to due with being loyal, right?  Well, the moon reminds me a bit of undue loyalty.    It looks pretty impressive and it is - a huge great ball in the sky, but it doesn't have any light of its own - it is merely reflecting the sun's light back to us on earth.  

Now look at this picture of the moon taken just an hour or so earlier.

It doesn't look quite so bright, does it?    It isn't quite so impressive in the light of the sun shining.   And the sun was shining behind me, in the west, as it was slowly setting.
And you know it reminds me of the something that happened this week, where a person was being incredibly loyal to her hubby, unduly loyal, at the cost of integrity, and her sons' respect, and that of others too.    Her hubby is her source of wisdom and 'light' and the reference point for her value and her values.   He is the light in her dark place.    But she doesn't realise just how poor his light is in comparison to the Son, the Son who values her regardless of how she performs or looks, regardless of how much money they have or how 'well-bred' they are or the car they drive or their other status symbols.    I felt sorry for her, even though in being loyal to him she disappointed us and refrained from doing what was right.   And it was obvious that she was refraining and being restrained, though not physically - her loyalty was restraining her.   

We're not meant to be loyal to someone on this earth above God and His ways. 

Jesus had some things to say about being loyal to Him above all else, and all others.

It reminds me, again, of how much liberty there really is in having God in His rightful place in our lives.   When the light of His Word, His truth, His very presence shines in our lives, then we know that we must be loyal to Him first for anything and everything else to  make sense.   I have seen and felt the damage, firsthand, when we are, I am, loyal to a person or a theology or group or doctrine above being loyal to Him.   It's like living in the light of the moon, all the time, and not realising there even is a sun. 

He made both the sun and the moon and He is greater than both.  I don't want loyalty to anyone or anything else to turn my day into night, not any more.   

Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of HIM.   Psalm 33:8

Linking up at Five Minute Friday, a writing party where we get to write for five minutes on a prompt word.  Today's prompt is 'loyal'.  


  1. I really liked how you used the moon and the sun to represent how much God makes us shine. It is all Him though. Has very very little to do with us. He does it all. Very cool. your neighbor at FMF

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Kristina. God has used the moon illustration a few times with me over the years, and it often reminds me of misplaced loyalty.
      thanks for dropping by

  2. It's so very hard to put God first, above family and ourselves, especially. I love how you captured God's light with the photos and your words: a challenge for us all to notice and stay in the beams.

    1. It is indeed, Christina, and something I've struggled with most of my life. I really don't want to waste any more of it living in the moonlight, as lovely as that can be.

  3. I like your illustration of the moon. As a lesser light, it can do only so much. And, it is nothing compared to the sun.

    It is easy to let a "lesser light" be the guiding light. For a very long time in my marriage, I looked to my husband to tell me who I was. (He never really wanted that role and was relieved when I took my identity question to God.) But when someone other than God is the source, it's easy to be loyal to the one we deem important enough to be our source of both identity and security.

    At that time, I didn't recognize I was looking to my husband as a source rather than God. And as I hear about this person in your life, I wonder how many sad decisions I made because of my perspective.

    May God give you grace and wisdom as you love this person well.


    1. Thanks for your feedback, Cheryl. Your marriage journey sounds much like mine and there is now so much freedom when I live in God's light, and not my husband's lesser light. Better for him too. I don't really have access to the lady whose loyalty disappointed us, but one day I'll no doubt run into her and I want to be able to extend grace to her. In the meantime, I'll pray for her. Thanks for stopping by.