Monday, 3 March 2014

Five Minute Friday: Choose

I found another writing challenge!  I love writing challenges because they bring out something that otherwise maybe would never have come out; which is wonderful.  Introducing Five-Minute Friday.  Here is my first post, though I know it's not Friday, the link up is still available for 4 more days.  So check out Five-Minute Fridays and expect to see some raw, honest and random posts popping up here.   


What I choose to say is so very important.  All through my pregnancy with little baby Erin, I was so careful to say positives over her, over the pregnancy and over the labour.  People would come and tell me to expect back aches, and honestly until that very minute I did not have a backache, and I would speak out in frustration later that night, God I forgive them for speaking such rubbish over me.  God I break the power of those words over my life.  Seriously I would.  So many times, and the back ache the what-evers would usually leave.

I had to do it again just the other day.  Erin still sleeps in my bed, and some mummys disapprove of that.  That sort of love.  They say it’s manipulative, that she’s spoilt and just getting her own way, and over a week I got frustrated at her cries, her coos, everything. She was just demanding, and I cried to Stephen that I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, and we broke the power of those words, that she was manipulating me and the joy, it just came back.  God forgive me where I butt my nose into other people’s choices and speak over them, their kids, their situations, and it’s not life-giving or helpful.  My words have the power of life and death. 

Five Minute Friday

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