Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Five Minute Friday: Crowd

Are you ready for my 5 minutes of intense blah on our topic of the day?  And I know it's not Friday, it's Tuesday but that's how it goes sometimes. 
You know those days when you’re just longing to sit down quietly and spend some time soaking in God’s presence, worship music playing softly in the background and a Bible on your lap.  You also know those days when it seems everything is trying to crowd that picture out and there is washing leaping off the couch into your lap, a baby trying to stuff those crinkly, easy-to-rip Bible pages in her mouth, and you just need to get a meal on the table before it gets too late?

I’ve had a few of those lately.  Perhaps I should say it the other way round, I’ve had a few days this year where I could sit down with my Bible and read and plenty of the other days.  Those crowded days where you wonder what you achieved in the here and now and what, if anything, got achieved for eternity?

I feel like some days, I was more ‘spiritual’ in other seasons of life, than here now when I’m a youth pastor and trying to organise the Sunday School into more than just an hours entertainment on a Sunday morning so the parents can try and absorb the sermon. 

Sometimes it can feel selfish to push in hard for more of God when everything around us crowds on in, and yet we know, sometimes distantly, sometimes desperately, that if we don’t, it’s all lost anyway because that’s the central pin on this mad merry-go-round, that we’re riding.    Maybe just open up your Bible right now and start reading aloud to anyone and everyone.  Go to bed a little earlier and lie there, and soak in the worship music.  A song becomes our theology more than a sermon because it plays over and over in the airwaves and the brainwaves.  The more we soak in God's presence, the easier it is wash off the scum, or if you're a drumstick, the more you marinate, the more you take on the flavour.
And, that's that, because my 5 minutes are up. 

Five Minute Friday

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