Friday, 30 May 2014

Random Five on Friday

I've decided to try something new, another link up, it's right up my alley of randomness.   Random 5 on Friday. 

1. This week I read a blog post over at on how to make your own makeup out of arrowroot powder, cinnamon and cocoa powder.  I'd really like to try it soon.

2. We've been thinking hard about the directions of our blogs and I promise there is plenty of interesting stuff coming up soon, I'm just a bit overwhelmed about it all and that's why I need to randomise.

3. I sold 2 of my books this week, very exciting, and heard that my local Koorong store sold 24 since Easterfest.

4. I finally cleared my desk after moving house 3 weeks ago.

5. This photo is of my old saucepan wall in my tiny old one bedroom unit from where we just moved, now they are all cooped up in a drawer poor things.

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