Friday, 30 May 2014

A Change of Seasons

Would you care to join me for Five Minute Friday today or maybe Random 5 on Friday?

Five Minute Friday and June Goals


Actually this week has been a week of thinking hard and long and it’s a change of season coming soon, I can feel it just as tomorrow changes from Autumn to Winter here in Australia, so my life is changing again.

It almost feels like I’ve gotten nothing done lately, never mind I’ve just moved house and had Mum and the two little girls here for two weeks and I’m wondering whether I can keep up with the many goals I’ve written myself for June, or whether I’ll fall and fool myself into thinking I’ve actually done nothing of any value if I can’t.

And would you like to know what they are?

To get baby Erin into a routine

Say Thank you to those who helped us move house at a family BBQ

To revaluate my work

To go shopping and have time to pray for people, and not be dashing around madly with one thing after the other stacked up, running together on my list.  If I see someone sick or limping or sad I want to be brave and have time and show them love and to that end . . .

I want to lead someone to Christ this month, because I’m sad to say, I’ve never done that, and I’m 22 and a spirit filled Christian and someone out there needs to meet Christ through me, because when you look at everything else you do, and eternity isn’t a priority, nothing matters, and I want my life to matter.


Five Minute Friday

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  1. I love this: ... because when you look at everything else you do, and eternity isn't a priority, nothing matters ...
    It's so very true! Thank you for your heart.