Monday, 9 June 2014

Now is the Time

by Lizzy
I used to always think when I was trying to organise my life, my routine, my time with God that it all needed to be set in concrete.  Between this time and that is when I’m going to do that; and expect that what I’ve set up now, would still be valid for when I had ten kids.  I know this sounds nuts but I would spend so much time trying to think about how I could make my routine fit what I have now and ten years in the future, that actually I never got around to having one.
I’ve realised again and again this year, that ‘the time is now’ and ‘now is the time’.  To do what you ask?  To get on with enjoying every minute now.  To make a routine that may not last ten years, but one that will last a month, so that I don’t miss the important things, like time with God and praying for my Sunday School and dancing in the rain with my baby, because otherwise I’ll look back and wonder.   I’ll wonder why.  Why didn’t I pray for those kids back then to see their hearts changed?  Why do I have no vision and strength for tomorrow?  Why didn’t I play with bubba and savour every single moment?
This lesson hit home so hard last year when one of the families in our church lost their two year old grandson in a house fire, and I looked at my little baby and held her just a bit tighter.  Time is ticking, the sand is trickling through that hour glass and you know what . . . YOU’LL NEVER GET IT BACK.  So go do it now, do that thing that takes a bit of extra courage or craziness.  Go dance in the rain.

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