Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Heartfelt Homeschooling: C is for . . .

by Kath
C is for....
We've been learning the 'c' sound in caterpillar, and this is some of what we've been doing for the last week or so.
Caterpillar - it was so easy to make a caterpillar out of an old sock stuffed with newspaper and sectioned off with rubber bands.
Cards - we made these lacing cards for reinforcing the shapes of the letters
Counting - we've been doing lots of counting with counters and made some cards to match dots with the written form of the number
Cafe - Raelee wanted to make a cafe outside, complete with pencil and paper to take orders. It worked well, with some real food thrown in with the plastic food. We had chocolate and banana soup, along with cake and 'tea'. Lots of fun until.....
Chaos - as soon as baby sister arrived on the scene, all order disappeared and it all turned into an opportunity to get wet. Oh well, we changed it to a different kind of fun.
Contact - If you want any info on what we're doing or the sources of our ideas, please feel free to contact me and leave a . . .
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