Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Where did Daddy God Get All the Faces From?

by Kath
Mummy, where did Daddy God get all the faces for all the people? Good question! Four year olds come up with the most amazing questions, which are simple enough, but profound on so many levels. I don't know that I answered it that well, but it did get me thinking.
Faces. There are so many of them, all different, and yet the same. All faces have eyes and a nose and a mouth and some kind of hair. And yet each face is different. Even twins are slightly different. Faces tell a story. If we look at someone's face, we can see that they're happy, really happy or pretending to be. Sometimes we can see sadness in a face, or tiredness, or confusion, or loneliness or a deep level of maturity that is borne out of some difficult experiences. What does your face say?
One of the most interesting things to do, I think, is sit in a mall and watch people. So many people, all shapes and sizes, poorly dressed, well dressed, confidently striding, or bent over with shame or pain or burdens; some struggling to keep going, others bouncing along without a care in the world.
What if we just looked at the faces - not the clothes or the shoes and what that represents, not the bodies, not the way they walk - just the faces. What would we see? Do we see what God sees? What does God see when He looks at our face? What did He have in mind for this face? Does He see beauty or strength? I'm sure He does. I'm sure He sees it even in the tiredest, saddest, even meanest faces about.
What did He put there originally? Can we see the glimpses of the glory He put there in the faces we see?
Psalm 139:16b
all the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.

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