Friday, 11 July 2014

Belonging Like a Booger and Tissue Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday is when we write random stuff and funny stuff, and stuff that just wouldn't come out otherwise.  We have a prompt, today it's belong and we write for five minute and all link up and then have fun encouraging one another.  Would you love to join us?

What does it look like to belong?  It looks like my little baby snuggled up into me just because, because she’s hungry or tired or wants me.  It looks like a baby sitting on her Aunty’s lap playing the piano and singing her doodle diddle doo song because she knows that a song belongs to music, or needing to read a book before bed because that belongs. 

There are just things in life that belong to each other, salt and pepper, & a tissue and a boogy, and wiping that boogy just cost me a whole minute.  

Belonging looks like a friend ringing you up for help with her assignment because she knows you’ll come and you ringing your Mum because you just need help with the baby, because she belongs to you and those four other sisters and there’s nothing quite like belonging to your child, like a booger stuck to a tissue.

Five Minute Friday

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