Monday, 14 July 2014

When Bikkies and Tea Meet Your Destiny

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by Lizzy
We all want a little bit more from life, rather like we’d prefer a chocolate cream biscuit to dunk in our coffee rather than just a plain. It’s likely though that the chocolate biscuit, be it an Oreo or an Aussie Tim Tam, costs a bit more than the plain version. In life it costs a bit more time and effort to have the chocolate cream version, but then it’s more satisfying too. You may have thought we were going to spend our time chatting about cosy things like cups of coffee, tea and yummy biscuits, but sorry you were wrong.
This is about living life in the shivery cold of the deep end. I actually like the shallow end, I can splash around a bit, it’s usually just a wee bit warmer than the deep end, and I have my feet firmly on the ground, or I can find it again pretty fast if I lose it. I never actually learnt to swim properly and I still don’t like going beyond my depth, or jumping off the diving board. It’s easy to trot through life doing the normal, but if we stepped off and bomb dived, the ripples would effect other people too, maybe even the splash.
I’ve been developing my prophetic gift, and you know what? You have one too. Yes, you do!
Prophecy is just encouraging someone about their future from God’s perspective, and all you have to do to get that, is sit down and ask him. Ready to take a step and make a splash? It really will change someone’s life. I did this last week, and the people in question didn’t think it was weird or strange, they were deeply encouraged.
Sit down, and take the top 3 people in your facebook, twitter or e-mail feed. Write down their names and pray for them like you’d want someone to pray for you. Then write down in a card what you prayed for them. Explain why you’re sending it, address it, seal the envelope with a lick and a kiss and POST. Chocolate and cream doesn’t have to be fattening, just fulfilling.

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