Friday, 22 August 2014

Random 5 on Friday: A Birth Story

Random 5 on Friday

This week was my baby girls birthday and so I thought I would share with you 5 Random things that you probably didn’t know about her birth just for fun.   I’m linking up with Random 5 on Friday

1. I didn’t want my waters to be wasted or make a mess, so it’s funny that they broke while I was pulling a weed out in my garden and watered it for me.

2. Stephen had randomly decided to go for a bike ride with my sister, on the mountain track around our house and when mum rang him he pedalled ridiculously hard back up the mountain, which is probably part of the reason he slept through most of my labour.

3. I was told that I had a small baby in a big swimming pool, truth is both the baby and swimming pool were huge.  Those waters just kept flowing and when Erin finally emerged she was 9lb 1oz

4. When I went into the hospital it was so warm I was wearing a summer dress, when we came out it was so cold I had 3 jackets on.

5. I had a wonderful midwife and doula but after 13 hours in labour, I had to have an emergency C-section.  That’s just one way I was Surprised by Motherhood.

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