Monday, 1 September 2014

How to Pray for . . . Everything

God save them.  It’s a heart cry. A hard cry because you can’t. save. Them.

Time is ticking by and on that greeting card, the monthly mewsletter, you want desperately to write something meaningful because you know they don’t have much time left.   Every tick is another minute gone and you want to see them in heaven, really you do.  You want to declare that they will become a mighty man or woman of God and not miss their destiny, but somehow you feel as if they already have.  God only knows, and I can’t judge, I didn’t live their life.

I want to pray for them more regularly, and more faithfully cause my prayers are what is going to make the difference.                        

I’ve assigned a different day to family I want to pray for, because my husband has such a large extended family, this makes it easier to remember.  Another way is to associate days with meetings, eg, on Tuesday I pray for our elders, because we have an elder’s meeting, Thursday, other pastors in the city because we have a big prayer meeting, Sundays, the other pastors in our church etc.
I've now also tacked this up on the dresser next to our bed and I'm finding I get a lot more praying done that way because I'm often lying in bed nursing the baby as it is the best place for her to not get distracted. 

One other thing I find handy, is a list of prayer points pinned up to pray over people.  There are a number of ‘How to Pray for Your’ . . . husband, kids, neighbour etc out there.  Just google.  I have these pinned up in my wardrobe, and I even asked my husband to write a list of things he wants prayer for so that I can be more specific, or how about re-reading any prophetic words you have received and taking prayer points from those to pray over yourself/family?

Bless the people around you. God I bless such and such to know you!  To know Your purpose and intentions for their life and declare.  Words are so powerful. 
Declare: I declare that ‘insert name’ will become a mighty man/woman of God, and not miss their destiny.  Free printable here. Maybe even put up a list of names to insert, next to it.  

How do you pray for your relatives?  Do you have lists, prayer calendars, and scriptures printed out and about to pray over them?  

One thing I really want to pray over Erin that I find some prayer calendars miss in their long list of virtues, is that she would be a worshipper.  While other kids might be colouring in under pews I feel it's important she be worshipping God, lost in His presence.      I loved watching her on Sunday hands raised quite lost while we were singing You're Beautiful by Phil Wickham. 
What is the most important virtue to you to pray over your children?

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  1. Love your list of praying for your relatives. I do something similar. I have a day assigned for each group of people I pray for. The only different in how they were assigned was I got the list together of all the names, then numbered them 1-7, 1-7 and so on, this way God determined who was grouped together, 1 was Monday, 1-Tuesday, etc. It was amazing that people were lined up the way they were. Then I prayed bible verses over that group before doing individual group each day, and would usually have a main theme to follow either each day or each week that would change. Maybe Keep Evil Away one week, then Build Character and Integrity another, things like that for the group. It was a list of about 20-25 godly things.

    Good luck with your prayers. Coming over from Mama Moments.

  2. That is very interesting. I like the themes, I might adopt that.