Friday, 31 October 2014

You Don't Have to Bring the Whole Cake!

This morning I was rushing out the door to pick up some flyers before I went to a Mum’s Coffee Chat group, and I remembered that I was supposed to bring something.   Well I hadn’t had time to cook and so I grabbed out of my fridge the half eaten slice that I’d made earlier in the week.

Isn’t it nice when you know someone well enough and you are real enough with them that you can grab half of the cake out of the fridge and bring it because it’s enough.  It’s ok that the baby ate some for breakfast and the husband took a HUGE chunk to work, and you only have  a few bits to bring. 

It’s like that with God, He knows us well enough that we don’t have to bring the whole cake. Just bring your little bits and He is going to bring along someone with something else to help you complete the job or the meal.   You don’t have to get everything together before He can use you.    I sure haven’t been able to get everything together.     I usually forget something or leave something not completely done, but it’s ok, and He covers it.  Sometimes He even prevents me from doing everything myself, even though I would like to because He has someone else in mind to help me or get me to meet.  

So just remember.  .  .

You don’t have to bring the whole cake


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  1. I came by from FMF and got distracted by this post. What a beautiful analogy! Thanks for sharing it!