Wednesday 5 November 2014

It Doesn't Have to be 6am

On all the blogs you read everyone is spending time with God at 6AM or even 5am and that’s so wonderful that they can, that they are in that season and encouraging others to do that. 
I’m not in that season.  I was once and it was wonderful but right now, the one year old still sleeps in my bed and she wakes up when I do and that means I can’t spend time with God immediately upon getting up.   Or if she doesn’t wake up, my husband is getting ready to leave for work and I need to spend time with him and help him get organised. 
So for a while I didn’t spend time with God at all, and I was just getting frustrated and REALLY GRUMPY.    I thought maybe I was under spiritual attack, but then I just realised I wasn’t spending time with God, getting filled up with Him and so I was empty. 
One Friday morning at our mothers group, one of the Mum’s was chatting about swapping our me time for God time and how since she had done that, her days went so much better and things didn’t bother her emotionally.   
So I asked her when she spent time with God, expecting her to say first thing in the morning, because that’s when it seems everyone spiritual does.  But she spends time with God when she puts the baby to sleep, just after lunch, and it seems to work just as well.   Here I was getting all condemned and giving up on spending time with God just because I couldn’t do it in the mornings.   
I know I’ve talked about spending time with God during Erin’s sleep time before, but I got busy and it wasn’t happening.  I was using the time to blog, do housework or my new business 90forLife.     I’m just being real and telling you.  It would get to the end of the day, dinner wasn’t cooked, the house was a disaster and I was grumpy, and had spent the day running around in circles.
So now when I put Erin to sleep, I spend time with God.  I don’t have a set time limit.  I just pray, listen to worship music and read my Bible until my spirit feels full, just like you would eat at a meal until you are satisfied.  Then I get up and do my other things.
Things are going so much better, which is great because I need more time, like we all do.   I make the bed once I’ve finished spending time with God, before I go onto anything else, or it doesn’t get done.  I’m not one of these people who makes it first thing in the morning.  Just saying cause I’m sure there is someone else out there like me who’s feeling condemned and overwhelmed by everyone elses perfect schedule.   I make dinner at the same time as lunch, and my husband’s lunch for work the next day.   The house is clean by tea time and I seem to have managed to do my 90forLife work and a blog post. 
Can spending time with God make that much of a difference to your day?   It has for me.
So how do you REALLY spend time with God?
Here, 9 Mum's Share How they Spend time With God, and for the most part, it's not at 6am. 


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  1. Such truth in your thoughts. Yep I am one of those 6:00 AM, but I'm retired. I still do it though on those days I go sub at school, but on those days my 1 year old grandson comes at 730 I find I get much less done. Thanks for reminding us it's ok to spend alone time with Him anytime - in fact He is there 24/7. I find when I awake and just lie in bed I can lay there and pray and worship.

  2. I am NOT a morning person! During the summer, I get my quiet time in at 7am after my hubby leaves for work and my kids are still asleep. During the school year it fits in around 8 after the kids are at school. I've tried getting up earlier, but it's just not in me. I'm groggy and don't get much out of it and then I'm cranky all day. It's not pretty.