Thursday, 20 November 2014

Let’s Stop Blah-ing on People

So what’s a blah you might ask?  A blah is a verbal vomit about the last thing that has ticked us off, and it comes up quickly in our next conversation.  

Eg. Finished paying off the tv today and realised the rent to buy situation wasn’t such a great idea and the tv has cost me 3times what it should. 

I really felt like God said not to keep talking about because it was just making me uptight, stressed and not doing the atmosphere in our home any good.

E.g. I was watching someone drive stupidly on the road up ahead and accidentally drove through a red light, and really hoped there wasn’t a camera on that set of lights.

At the time I was going to pick up something from a lady I had just met and God said to me again that I didn’t need to bring it up.  It wasn’t going to help her or me. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly times we need to discuss and deal with issues and problems, but let’s not blah them at people because it just makes us stressed.    Remember the tongue is very powerful.    It’s not wrong to tell people about these situations but at the time it would have been adding fuel to the fire of annoyance, and when you are annoyed at one thing it quickly escalates into annoyance at your family  and the atmosphere in your homes get tense, when it doesn’t need to be.

If somebody asks me about that set of lights now, I at least know it doesn’t have a camera on it and if somebody asks me whether or not a rent to buy deal is a good idea I can calmly tell them that it cost us a lot of money.  I’ve forgiven the sales men who didn’t give me the correct information and now I’m calm. 

Can you identify areas where you blah?  

I’m not advocating that we stuff down our emotions, that is harmful too, I’m talking about little stressers that aren’t worth repeating to people, yet we do to make conversation. 

Here are a few conversation starters that will set things on a positive spin . . . What has been a blessing in your week?  What has God shown you through His Word?  What is the best thing that has happened to you today? 

Ready?  Let’s  go change some atmospheres with our words!

"The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger, and his glory is to overlook a transgression"  Proverbs 19:11

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