Friday, 14 November 2014

What Identity Are You Feeding?

I've heard a lot lately about how powerful our words are.  We all know that in theory to some degree or another but how does it effect our parenting?
I was at my favourite mother's group this morning and two of the mother's were sharing how their primary school aged children were really struggling with some issues lately of lying and being difficult, and about how to change this.
One of them shared how God had revealed to her, she was stop talking about all the negative problems she saw and to ask God for a picture of how He saw her son and to speak the opposite and the positive over him.  To bless the child with that identity, because while ever we continually speak the negative, the more that child or person gets bound up in that identity, feeling that they can't change.
I recently attended two different prophetic seminars about walking in your true identity. At one, one of the ladies Patricia King was talking about speaking and decreeing over your life God's plan.   Sometimes we are likely to say 'Under the circumstances I'm doing well,' but shifting our view point to rising above the circumstances like an eagle soaring, because when we wait on the Lord, He not only renews our strength to help us have a better attitude and therefore not blurt out negativity all the time, but He enables us to rise up on wings like eagles to soar above our circumstances, and there fore to speak out over our circumstances His purposes and intentions.  
Did you know that to bless someone, it means to speak out God's purposes and intentions over their life?
The other seminar that I was attending last night, was one where South African Cathi Mole, was sharing about when her now grown daughter, was in her teens and she just didn't feel it was cool to be at church anymore.    Cathi had been praying, and speaking scripture over her, pleading Jesus' blood over her daughter and one day God told her to get out a notepad and pen and He would speak to her.    He gave her a vision of how He saw her daughter, and the plans He had for her future, and told Cathi to stop focusing on and praying against the negative and speak the positive and within two weeks she saw a huge turn around in her daughter's life.
Although my daughter is only 1, this has already challenged me how can I be speaking wonderful things into her life? 
Whenever we see Stephen's Aunty Robyn, who baby Erin loves, Robyn immediately cuddles her and starts speaking God's destiny over Erin, that she is a worshipper who loves to praise God and a dancer like her Mummy and that she will seek God with her whole heart and pray for the sick and be a daughter of great wisdom. 

It's challenging me that I need to speak that into her life as well, instead of just scolding her for her naughties, which is hard to do sometimes when we are with them all the time and just want a break and blurt out how annoying, frustrating or naughty they have been all day when asked.  
I have posted up before "God, I declare that my son/daughter will become a mighty woman/man of God and will not miss their destiny" which is a great thing to pray over them, but then lets not negate it with negativity later on. 
So what has God been teaching you about your words? 

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