Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Living a Slower God Life

I've always been one to try and do more, perhaps we all do, because supposedly being more productive, will somehow make us more fulfilled and happier or perhaps more spiritual depending on the more.   Everywhere we are bombarded with more and more things to do, to try, habits to learn.    We can't fit it all in right now though. 
Just recently I've come to be content in my current life, and happy to sit and not try to do more, because often God is in the slower.  It's not wrong to be busy or have a full life, but it isn't helpful to be condemned because we want to be doing things that can't possibly fit right now, or could fit but wouldn't fit with our life values.
Yesterday was a day when I was in a hurry and I'd actually been extremely productive, and thrilled with productivity, even though it was merely accomplishing the few things on my list.   Until I had looked through every skeric of paperwork and discovered that the sticker for my husband's licence with our change of address on it was no where to be found and we would both have to go down to the traffic office and sort out our situation and try to get a replacement.
We were in that office for over half an hour in line, and then on the way back home every light turned red.  Stephen had work to do at home that was going to be tricky to fit in with the way our schedule was looking but I asked him to just let me run into the post office for a minute so that I wouldn't have to go back out when we got home. 
He decided we should all go into the post office, and then we should also check out the op shop next door, and when we walked out we ran into one of his old workmates who really needed to speak to him, and couldn't find his number.
"We just had to slow down, or we would have missed him."  Stephen said on our way home, and then our schedule re arranged itself, with cancellations for the next day that would allow us to fit everything for the week in.
God was in the slower, not the dashing madness. 
My day doesn't look like much when I write it down on paper:  Wednesday 15th July
Erin and I woke up and ate our cereal and then tiptoed down to check on Mum and the girls, still sleeping at 7:30am.  Then a muddle of showers, buttered toast, sweeping the floor, swishing benches, tipping milk on the floor, and losing my keys.
Running late to Mainly Music, where we dance and sang and chatted deeper than usual, a shopping trip to Aldi's  and dark chocolate on the way home, cook and eat lunch while Stephen is on the phone trying to sort out a botched order, put a tired baby to bed, and sit to pray over business plans. 
Reading a quick few pages of Nothing Hidden Tool booklet for Love After Marriage, then the toddler wakes up and check facebook.   Take her downstairs to hit the ball in the squash court and say hi to the lady whose come to clean the church and she shares how she's been exploring the countryside and picking a different town a week to visit.  She went to one town and developed a dreadful tooth and earache and went in search of panadol but after she walked into a shop with Christian music playing it left.   Then the toddler tipped a cup of milk on the kitchen floor and I took her outside to bounce crazy, hair and tutu fluffing, while I mused and pulled the weeds in the church yard.

Now she's watching Wiggles while I type.  It's nearly 4pm and I still need to get the clothes in from the line and print a few things before we go out to visit a friend at 6pm. 
On paper it's not life changing, but for many it's just life and God is meeting me here and you too, it's about finding the joy in it all.  Would you like the printable below I created after studying every reference to joy in the Bible?  Click over here, What is Joy Really?

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  1. So happy to find your post this morning! I've been reading about the topic of "Slow" over at -- lots of women writing on the same topic for a month at a time, and this month the topic is slow! Love this line from your post: "God was in the slower, not the dashing madness." So true, and a much needed reminder for me!

  2. I continue to see reminders to slow down...thanks. Some days productivity is good. Some days we should just throw it out the window. :)

    Visiting from Women with Intention.