Tuesday, 21 July 2015

5 Things I'm Loving: Five Days of Five

I've been inspired by Lisa over at This Pilgrim Life to share a couple of things I'm loving, and I'm actually going to share 5. 
5 is the number that represents grace and we are in a season of grace being poured out, God's total empowering to live our lives and move us into places that we've dreamed of and hoped for.  I'm actually going to do 5 Days of 5.  5 Days of blogging in a row, & 5 days of sharing 5 things. 
1.   So the first thing I'm loving at the moment, and it's going to explore the grace thing a bit more, is Lana Vawser's daily encouraging and prophetic words, that are just so spot on for my life at the moment and causing my husband and I to dig so much deeper in God.    I'm also enjoying Doug Addison's much shorter daily words, that you can subscribe to here, or to have a look first, here on facebook
2.  Holley Gerth's free pictures that she allows us to use over on her blog!    So thankful for these and have used them a few times lately, linking back to her of course. 
3. Chai tea, but that's nothing new, I'm always loving chai tea, it's one of my top 5 winter favourites.  I've even worked out the perfect ratio for my tastebuds for boiling it up from scratch, especially with vanilla beans.  Here are 5 uses for them. 
4. The Holy Ghost Movie, that I spent this morning watching and just in awe of what God can do and who He does it through. 
5. And finally, Asheritah's printable Scripture prayer/goal calendars.   I'm going to be using them to write down my spiritual goals and how I want to grow during that month. 
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  1. Thanks Lizzy some great links you have shared - going to check them out. Neighbours at Wholehearted Home Link Up this week