Wednesday, 22 July 2015

5 Things to Remember When I Build a House

I’ve always wanted to build my own house, more specifically a shipping container house, as I find them fun to design, and cheaper than a normal house, especially with a husband who is a sheet metal worker and has experience in building.  I was thinking while mopping the floors tonight about things to remember if I ever do get to build my own house.  After living in 5 rentals in the past 4 years, I’ve come to discover some things I like and somethings I definitely don’t.  This post is part of my 5 days of 5 series.

1. Lino, or floorboards are heaps easier to clean than light grey tiles with white grout.  At our last rental I literally had to get down on my hands and knees and scrub the floor once a week, (with a patch up mop in between) to get it clean, and the whole house except the bedrooms was tiles. And  no pale carpet.  This current rental, the carpets are white and already getting quite yuck, even though we are pretty careful about clean feet and not wearing shoes.   (Any ideas on cleaning this carpet?) 
2. Seriously, insulation,  we've had a couple that weren't and a couple that were, no further comment, insulation.
3. I’ve always dreamed of a white kitchen, and have a Pinterest board full of the French provincial style,  but at our last rental the kitchen was white and it took forever to clean.  This rental our kitchen is quite open plan and the doors and bench tops are all wooden and I haven’t had to clean the doors once in our five months of being here.  Yes, probably a bit gross but instead of taking all day to prepare for a rental inspection, it took 2 hours, and the house is double the size of the last one. 

4.  Lots of storage!  I always thought I could do the whole tiny house thing, but after living in a caravan the good part of the year, and a one bedroom unit before that, I’m totally enjoying the fact that this house has a walk in pantry, walk in wardrobe, built-ins in nearly every bedroom, a huge laundry cupboard and two big hallway cupboards.

5. Having a walk in wardrobe is really handy. I used to think  it was quite luxurious, even though I always wanted one,  however it means that the toddler/baby can sleep in there, and that means a whole extra bedroom as a guest room, and my husband and I can have a little privacy than her sleeping right next to our bed.


What would your five tips be if you were ever going to build a house?  

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