Friday, 4 September 2015

Your Yes is Bigger Than You Know

My first blog post since July and I'm saying yes to writing and Five Minute Friday, writing for Five Minutes on a one word prompt.  You can join in too!   Here's my week summarised by the word yes.

Sometimes I say yes to routines, and doing things the ‘right’ way and keeping things and ordered and according to the clock, but sometimes I say yes to crazy things, like taking my 2 year old to the MacDonalds playground at 7:30pm because the husband has just managed to fix the car and the toddler can’t sleep and it’s better than another round of Wiggles.  We climbed like rats over the new crazy playground and dumped a 30c icecream into a cappuccino and then couldn’t sleep till late, long after her little snores filled the room.
This morning I said yes, because my sister offered to take my toddler for a walk to the shops and to Lifeline where all the ladies love her and she runs around looking at everything in cute curly headed awe even though it’s exhausting to keep track of her, and I was able to breathe for 3 whole hours and pray, and do my tax, and shower without her. 
Just recently I said yes to a prayer and fasting challenge.  I’ve been pregnant and breastfeeding for 2.5 years and fasting was in the too hard basket, but now I’m having a brief interlude, and now for 14 days I’m only eating soup or liquid after 5pm and praying hard for one person, and when I said yes to this challenge, God popped this little encouragement into my inbox, about how my little five minute prayers are really, actually making a difference and how my yes is contributing to a bigger YES. 

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  1. Oh, Lizzie.What an amazing commitment to pray hard for one person while fasting. You've inspired me so much to say yes to that. Thankful for your words and for saying "yes".

    (stopping by from Five Minute Friday)