Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Buttons & Lace = The Gypsy Look

I've been looking at Pinterest recently and getting terribly inspired,
but even the simplest of designs wasn't going to work for me,
especially without a working sewing machine!
So when I went to visit my Mum recently I took advantage of her sewing machine
and tried to sew on lace, inside a heart-shaped boundary,
which she ended up doing because it was quicker that way,
and I contented myself with sewing buttons around the border.
I counted that there are 37 buttons on this shirt, I didn't have a particular
colour or pattern, just big, then little.
I also made one with blue and white buttons for my niece's first birthday,
but I didn't take a photo of it.

And while I'm talking about inspirational things, it doesn't matter how small your garden is,
you'll always find something to brighten your day, or someone else's,
as I discovered one day when I found all these gorgeous flowers in glass jars on the table at church.

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