Friday, 18 September 2015

Learning to Celebrate Today

Today for Five Minute Friday, we are writing on the prompt Celebrate, and like Kate Motaung shares, we don't need a reason to celebrate, we need to learn how to celebrate moments for what they are.  Funny today that's exactly what I was already thinking about.  So ready, set, go:

I wrote a card for a young mum today, not that’s she’s terribly young but it’s her first baby and sometimes even the most prepared of us are in for a shock when the baby emerges out of the stomach and no amount of routine books can prepare you for reality.
On the front it said Celebrate Today, just celebrate little moments, and how do I mean?  When my bubbaroo was born, I really tried to savour moments and so I would write lists, of different things and now reading through those lists takes me back to that moment, like they are frozen in time, tiny little photos in my brain. 
Chicken soup wafting through the air
A Gate swinging on hinges leading nowhere
Vast expanses of mown lawn
Chubby bubby cheeks both ends.
I once read in a Janette Oke book that if you wrote a moment down it captured it and then you could remember the moments like fingering a pearl necklace, and I told my Dad and he said that it was utterly ridiculous nonsense.  I don’t think it was though, because so many people are finding grace and gratitude in writing down the little; and that’s how I celebrate today. 
Like Ann Voskamp snapping photos of golden mounds of cheese falling light out of the grater, utter nonsense, but not whilst her husband has been working hard in the barn with their sows, and he doesn’t mind because it helps her, helps them: Celebrate Today

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  1. Yes! Celebrating today and each of the small moments is totally what it's all about! Loved that!