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3 Ways to Teach Children About the Trinity

Teaching your children the intricacies of the Trinity can be a daunting task, but by using a few simple tools, you can easily and effectively outline how God can be a three in one deity.  God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

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When I was teaching Sunday School, I was always praying for simple and effective lessons to teach the children, who ranged from age 3-13 all in one class!  Each week there could be anywhere from 3-23 children, so preparation was key, and each week I wrote my own lessons. 

To begin with we discussed power points, and how not to get electrocuted but also how they related to the Trinity.
Australian power points at least have three holes, in which to plug your appliance.   Some appliances however only have two prongs, but these are smaller appliances, which don't draw as much current.  In order for us to be fully effective in the Kingdom of God, we need Jesus, God AND the Holy Spirit, Who we sometimes aren't taught about.  
When we unplug from God by not spending time with Him we can't run for very long on our own, and we are angry, selfish and horrid creatures to be around whether we are children or adults.  This is a simple illustration in our modern world of how we need to abide like branches on a vine.  We will stop working well and run out of battery when we are not plugged into God.

2ndly we used Robyn Small's Quilt Chat, to really talk about the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, how He directs us, and what His role was in the Bible.   These quilt chats are great as adult Bible Studies, but also as illustrations for Sunday School.  I would often print out a picture of a quilt chat and get the children to cut and paste the pictures into relevant sections on a worksheet.

My messy pouring versus Stephen's neatness.
That's why he's the sheet metal fabricator not me.

3rdly we made chocolate from a simple recipe of 1 cup coconut oil, 1/2 cup honey and several tablespoons cocoa or cacao powder depending on what you have on hand, blended together quickly with a stick blender, and poured into moulds.   The time of year we did this was Mother's Day so this was a great activity, along with a gift for the mothers at the end of the service along with mother's day cards we made, with Lisa-Jo's gorgeous printables stuck on the front and a little prayer inside: 
I declare that (name of child) will become a mighty man/woman of God and will not miss their destiny. (Prayer from Katt Kerr's book Revealing Heaven)

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