Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Organic V Packet Mix Christianity

I’m a’ cooking and my husband isn’t home for another half hour and I can throw just about anything I like into my wok that is drowning in cabbage and bits of chicken that were fried but somehow became steamed and white as a wedding gown. 

When my husband is home, he likes to supervise my cooking and for good reason, too, after he suffered from a soup in which I had deposited a kilogram of garlic, while cleaning out the freezer, instead of a single bulb!  We greatly increased our carbon footprint through methane release that night; the sleeping bag inflated around our ears with toxic gas. 

You see, I have declared war on packet mixes, not that they aren’t helpful and quick and easy, just they are full of stuff that I don’t really like, such as preservatives, colours and other nasty stuff masquerading as food.  They can be helpful, somewhat nutritious and delicious, just I prefer the more organic stuff, like throwing every vege and fruit in the fridge into the wok; bananas, apples, wombok, pak choy, onion, can of lentils, left over rice, corn, soy sauce, maybe not the fermented grape juice . . . (hmm need to work out how to use that one up)

While I was cooking this cocktail of delight, the thought occurred to me that sometimes we have a packet mix version of Christianity.   It is so much easier to read a book than the Bible.  It is so neatly packaged and easy to prepare and digest. 

It can seem rather difficult to chew over a Bible verse, rather like a lump of bread with cheese than that delicious spaghetti sauce from the packet or jar. 

Not that I’m against Christian books; I devour many regularly and with enthusiasm. We must on our guard and check the label for those hidden nasties and keep tabs on our spiritual health. Books must be read with deep discernment, or they can throw you into a bowl of mushroom sauce.  I’m sure you know the feeling of clinging to the macaroni while wading to the edge of the bowl, using a carrot stick and climbing out dripping with stringy tendrils of mozzarella.

So while packet mix Christianity is an option, I encourage everyone to dig deep into the cupboard and throw some verses together for a truly organic lentil soup or smoothie. 
I'm talking to myself here as much as anyone, as I struggle to sit down and read the Bible.  It is easier to read a pre-packaged book, but God is challenging me to learn to study the Bible and to dig for the meanings of the root Hebrew and Greek.  One slight misinterpretation of the word can alter the meaning of the whole passage.  It is very important for us to dig deeper.

(Thanks Nikki for the use of the photo)

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