Tuesday, 8 March 2016

When God Cares About Your Garden

You know those blog posts, you think about for a while, and perhaps even schedule and research, they are wonderful, but then you know those that just happen, as an overflow of life and who you are?  Well this is one of them, I hope what God's been showing me, ministers to you too.  (Side note, the photo at the top, sadly is not of my garden, but a friend who Stephen has been working for)
I was surprised recently when God said He cared about my garden.  We had gone to Glory City Church for the first time in Brisbane, a church I'd been hearing amazing things about and longing to go to for ages.  The pastor, Katherine Ruonala has written a book called Living in the Miraculous and it's been such a huge blessing to me about grace and God's love, and being totally rooted in that truth. 
Well, recently we've moved a whole hour closer to the church, and though it still took us an hour and a half to get there, it was totally worth it.    Before the services the team has a prophetic booths set up where you can go in and two people will pray and without you telling them anything about yourself, they will just speak into your life whatever they feel God is saying. 
My front steps where I've been mulching a little bit at a time
and planted out the marigolds and purple plant I bought today.
We've since been several times and each time the words they have spoken have been so accurate to what God has been showing us and leading us in, such incredible confirmations of ministries we've wanted to walk in and closure to things we'd walked out of.
Well thrown in there was also a little word about gardening, from a young city chick who confessed herself that she didn't know a thing about gardening, and to just have fun in my garden, and listen to God out there and He would show me things even about the garden, and just to go for it, even if they weren't normally done in Australia.   Now I'm excited about what God might be showing me out there. 
We have long blank garden beds all around this huge rental house, that are either weedy or nothing growing in them, and I  haven't been sure whether to put time and effort into the gardens or not, but isn't it like God to know what we are thinking about and encourage us, even if that thing won't necessarily make money or we could consider it being a time waster even though we enjoy it?

The line of Styrofoam boxes under the back
deck, where I'll be adding my basil and
curly parsley. 
I've always had a herb garden at each house, though we've moved 6 times in our 4 years of marriage, made from these Styrofoam boxes from the vege shops, filled with half potting mix half cow manure.  I just spent a few moments in the garden planting out the five plants that I bought for $10 at our market down the street this morning.  2 basils, 1 curly parsley, 1 marigold and another purple plant that someone could identify for me perhaps?
 I love this dvd called Back to Eden, full of revelation that God gave a man called Paul while he was out in his garden, and I'm gradually implementing his ideas in our garden.  What has God shown you in your garden?  And remember, your garden is never too small to bring you joy and bless someone else. 


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