Saturday, 6 February 2016


Today at Five Minute Friday we are all typing for an unedited 5 mins on the word focus, and what that means to us now.  You can join us too at Kate Motaung for some writing fun.  - Kath

The word focus reminds me of something I had to draw for art class back in junior high school.   I had to take a small square frame, about 5cm x 5cm and place it over something I'd already drawn, focus on the very small picture within that frame and enlarge it, taking note of the details not so easily seen when it's just part of the bigger picture.  It was quite unrealistic and irrelevant, really, but a good skill to have, apparently, as an artist.  

I wonder does God do that?  Without trying to really?  Because He is an artist.  He was an artist in the beginning and He's still creating.   Wouldn't it be amazing to see both that minute picture within the focus frame and the big picture all at once?   To see every detail of that minute square and to see every detail of the bigger  picture at the same time?

But what am I supposed to see?   I guess I have to see the small details, because that's what my life at home is about - the small details.  But sometimes, I need to recognise that those small details are really just part of a bigger picture, and not get so bogged down in it all.   And the comforting thing is, He sees both, simultaneously, and can deal with both the small details and the bigger picture, and has it all figured out.  I need to keep my focus on the details, but I need to keep my focus on Him, and not to be overwhelmed by the big picture or the small yet overwhelming details of life in relationship with complex people, including myself.  

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