Saturday, 30 January 2016


God is calling me into a season of quiet, of quietly getting on with life at home, to get done those things left undone for far too long, of quietly praying when a need becomes apparent, of quietly staying at home, rather than being out 'saving the world', as He so succinctly put it. 
FMF written by Kath

We live in a quiet location, where the loudest noises are children and birds and dogs, but sometimes the inner turmoil rises even above that.   I want to be out 'there', in the community, doing something useful and tangible and dare I say it, noticeable.

It's hard to be quiet at home when other Christians wonder why you're not helping them 'save the world'.   It's hard to be quiet at home when you wonder yourself if you're just copping out.  

It's hard to be quiet when your six year old wants to be out 'there', doing ballet, Sunday School, swimming lessons, visiting friends, going to Maccas, the park, the op shop, and you wonder if she needs to do all that quite so often.   It's hard to be quiet with her, and quietly meet her needs, quietly teaching her to read and add and write, when she wants noise.  

But you know that your God has called you to this quietness, of hearing His voice and responding in quiet, private, hidden ways to His calls to pray, to send an email, to make a phone call, to spending my time at home and my talents on those He puts in front of me, to my family first, and then to others, when others see that my talents are 'wasted' here.  

But without this quietness, I will miss His still, quiet voice, which rarely shouts above the din, and I will miss the treasures and the blessings of a quiet life, and I will miss the opportunity of learning those 'unforced rhythms of grace' that He has promised.  

It's hard to be quiet.   But I will be quiet - for Him, with Him, and listen to Him, and follow Him, quietly.  

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  1. Hi, Lizzy, I am so glad you shared these words. It is hard when the world and our kids crave noise, and our soul craves the quiet of the Lord. Your work matters as a mother and follower of Him. Nothing else is necessary. And thanks for the timely reminder. Your friend in spot #16. -Ever gratefully, Christina

  2. That first paragraph??? Sounds exactly like God. Beautiful post. Step away my friend and do as our good, good Father has asked of you. You will not be sorry. xo