Saturday, 2 April 2016

Deciding: FMF

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Five Minute Friday
Decide by Kath

To decide is to draw a line in the sand in time, to say that this season is over and a new one is beginning.

To decide is to make a commitment for things to be different from here on.

To decide is to stop this and start that.

To decide is to say no to that and yes to this.

To decide is to finish something and start something new.

Deciding happens at a definite place in time.   At a certain hour on a certain day, a decision is  made and things change, improve, move forward, are different, potentially better.

But the journey to that deciding is just that - a journey.   It's a journey of learning, developing, growing in understanding, seeing different, repenting, releasing, removing, re-evaluating, realising something that wasn't obvious before, of gaining wisdom, of knowing that the present normal is somehow dysfunctional and needs to change, of going backwards and forwards, of peace and anxiety, of uprooting and upheaval.

Then the 'decide' can happen and be definite. 

To decide is good and sometimes very hard, but to get to that deciding is hard too.

Decide happens in time, and so does the journey to decide - in time, lots of time. 
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  1. So eloquently expressed! Thank you for articulating what it is, a journey! You give me more food for thought as I think of the decisions I have had to make over the years. It is not always easy and sometimes things we thought we would never say yes to, we end up changing our minds or circumstances dictate such that we can't have our first choice and so we re-evaluate and release. It takes time. Thank you again. Stopping by from FMF. Leigh

  2. I like your reflections here. It can often be a long and difficult journey before we reach the point of deciding but it's necessary so we can make the decision and follow through. Visiting from FMF.