Saturday, 2 April 2016

Upcycled Pegboard Organiser

How do you keep your life organised?  I have a couple of ways.  One is good old pen and paper and a list on the fridge.
 I find that I have to make time to be organised.
The other is this upcycled peg board.  I bought the frame from an opshop, ripped out the picture, stuck in an A4 piece of purple cardboard, painted some pegs and then glued them onto the paper.   
I’ve found this is better for long term goals, a list of cute stuff that Erin has been doing lately, little recipe cards that I give to people and other randoms that can clog up my desk.   I just don’t look at it often enough and the writing is too small for me to glance at it and see what needs doing . . .  I've hung this in my kitchen

Above my desk is this navy covered pinboard, with three white frames hot glued down the middle.   I then glued buttons onto push pins, and also pegs unto push pins and pinned up a few inspirational quotes/scriptures/prayers.  I also have laminated to do lists that I can write my weeks goals on, internet shopping lists on, and other to do lists on, and then wipe clean when I'm done.

Do you have any particular way of staying organised?

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  1. Neat idea! We have a "command center" in our dining/kitchen area (bulletin board, white board, storage jars, calendar, etc.) that helps us stay organized.