Saturday, 25 June 2016


Writing for Five Minute Friday, a community of writers who write on a given prompt for five minutes.   Today's prompt is REST. 

Rest is such a major theme in the Scriptures, isn't it, and a theme of many of God's promises. will find rest for your soul, rest in the shadow of the Almighty, He makes me lie down in green pastures, his sleep will be sweet, truly my soul finds rest in God, return to your rest my soul, they shall never enter my rest, ............ and many more I can't remember.

It seems rest is a BIG deal with God.   But it eludes so many of us.   Why? 

In my wondering, I realise that His promises about rest are conditional, not because His love is conditional, but because we have choices and we are free to make good ones and bad ones.
So, in my wondering, these are the things I realise about rest.

I can't rest if I serve two masters.
I can't rest if I fear man above God.
I can't rest if I worry instead of praying.
I can't rest if I don't love Him with all my heart.
I can't rest if I hang onto offence and unforgiveness.
I can't rest if I am not at peace with others, as far as it's up to me.
I can't rest if I carry my own burdens, instead of partnering with Him to carry those He gives me.
I can't rest if I don't really believe Him, don't really trust.
I can't rest if I think of myself more highly than I ought.
I can't rest if I don't mind my own business.
And the one that has been a big struggle for me - I can't rest if I don't feel safe - safe with Him.

And the letters R E S T are the first four words of the word RESTORE - funny that!

And the photo?  Well, this is where my little girls and I are staying for a few weeks, 20 mins from my daughter who has just had her beautiful baby, Allana Renae, so we can help out but not be under foot.  

And funny about rest - because here, where I was hoping to spend some time surfing the net for some things, I can't, because the internet reception is lousy.  So, I'll be resting from the internet - instead, reading and writing and learning and praying - HIS plan!    

How about you?   What's stopping you? - REST!

Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.   Psalm 116:7

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  1. What amazing reminders! Thank you for sharing these powerful truths! I hope you enjoy your rest! I'm going to have to journal through your list here and see where the majority of my unrest camps out! Blessings!

  2. Hi Carey. Thanks so much for your feedback! These lessons are always for me, so I'm glad someone else is blessed by them.