Thursday, 4 September 2014

Zombie Stopping Prayer

Recently Stephen and his workmate were standing on the roof of a 6 metre high industrial sized shed, when his mate asked, “If there was like a zombie or a lion, up here about to eat us, would you take your chances fighting them off, or would you jump?”
After thinking about it for a bit, Stephen replied, “Neither, I’d just pray.” 
“No, seriously, would you jump or fight.”
Stephen responded again that he would just pray.
“But you wouldn’t have time to pray, and what’s that going to do anyway?”
“What, how long does it take to say ‘help, God!  The only reason you say it’s not going to do anything is because you don’t know the power of prayer.”   
The workmate didn’t respond, so Stephen thought he would share a personal experience, like the time he was in Israel, in a park late at night praying with a friend, and they were mugged.  The two muggers had Stephen’s friend by the cuff of his shirt, fist drawn back, ready to strike him and the friend simply said, “Leave me alone in Jesus Name.”   The mugger’s arm froze and he couldn’t move it forward or backward.  Frustrated he yelled to his accomplice to grab the knife and the accomplice froze and couldn’t move.  After realising they couldn’t do anything, they let Stephen and his mate go.  
At this point in the story, Stephen’s workmate with his eyes wide, said “I don’t know what to say.”
“Well, you asked me what I’d do, I would pray.”
Seriously, though, have you ever wondered why this generation
is currently so obsessed by zombies and vampires?
And if you disagree, perhaps you could pray this prayer:
God if it's my problem, show me,
and if it's their problem, show them. 

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